Online Company Store:


An online company store from Advantage can help grow your company brand and provide ongoing customer and employee satisfaction. An online company store of branded merchandise allows you to control the use of your brand/logo identity guidelines and the products with your logo/brand.

We provide you a convenient online source of approved branded merchandise to use in your corporate, employee, and customer marketing efforts.

An account manager will work with you to optimize your design and program:


Conduct user research to complete program requirements


Utilizing our global sourcing capabilities, assist you in selecting products and merchandise for your e-store

Ensure compliance with your brand requirements for all products and communications materials

Online store/catalog design and production

Develop and implement a brand based communications program to generate program awareness

Design an effective customer service and fulfillment program

Provide ongoing program performance reporting to help you manage your program


Store Details


Orders can be placed when convenient for the user

Email order confirmations

We handle fulfillment and shipping

Convenient online reporting for sales and inventory usage

Eliminates catalog production

Consistent look of your corporate brand image for all materials ordered

Single source vendor for efficient program management and improved customer service

Packaging Services and Production Fulfillment:



Advantage can provide all of your packaging needs such as custom designed bags, boxes, ribbons and tissue, and shipping boxes.




These are available as plain stock items or custom imprinted to promote your corporate brand.




For companies looking to market their brand creatively; we have a complete lineup that includes promotional items such as bags, coolers, desk accessories, business gifts and much more.




Advantage distributes thousands of packages a year to worldwide destinations. Our team provides light industrial, labor intensive assembly, fulfillment, packaging, and shipping services. We will collate, wire, glue, staple, inspect, and repack. This also includes order processing, order entry, warehouse, pick, pack and shipping services. Customer service, data management, account billing, and customized electronic-fulfillment services are also available. As a third party, we deliver these services while remaining anonymous to your customer, but as your vendor, we work hard to make you look good.




Whether you need short-term, full-time, or seasonal services, we can help you with the day-to-day, rush orders.




No matter how big or small the project, Advantage will meet your production deadlines with accuracy and quality.




We employ a comprehensive set of measurements to continuously gauge our performance. These measurements ensure that Advantage achieves and surpasses your expectations on every package for every project.




Custom Packaging Design is a critical component to delivering a product to market. A package’s design must perform well on multiple fronts in order to effectively carry out its part in convincing a customer to purchase. Advantage has over 25 years’ experience in custom packaging design.




A package’s design must be produced in a manner that will, first and foremost, protect the product, ensuring that it is shipped and moved without damage. Packaging design should assist in capitalizing on transit options. Our clients save money when transportation space is minimized. The correct packaging design will allow for the greatest amount of products in one shipment.




Beyond the transit process, a package design needs to be more than functional; it must be interesting and alluring. Visual appeal can be achieved using a combination of shapes, colors, sizes, and substrates.




When you’re developing a product for market, turn to Advantage to help you choose the right style of packaging. We will help you create an appealing design and develop a fulfillment system that gets your product to the right location and on time.





Gift Packaging:





Advantage offers hundreds of varieties of shopping bags, gift boxes, gift wrap, and other gift packaging options. We offer everything you need to create your packaging program.




Advantage will communicate your brand to consumers through creative and effective packaging. Let our design team help you redesign, revamp, or re-brand to achieve the visibility it deserves.




Advantage Sales Promotion Company is a well-established business with an eye on technology and custom products designed to meet the needs of the most discriminating customer. We welcome your feedback and questions.





Recognition Award Programs



Advantage offers a complete selection of ideas for all recognition award programs.




Popular award categories include:




SERVICE AWARDS - Years of service


PERIODIC AWARDS - Employee of the month


SALES AWARDS - Salesperson of the month


SPOT AWARDS - Performance above job requirements


SAFETY AWARDS - Recognize week with zero accidents


EVENT AWARDS - Golf awards, volunteer awards





Advantage Sales Promotion survey has found the following:




41% of workers don't feel appreciated at work


54% are not satisfied with the level of employee recognition they receive


36% are actively looking for a new job









Inspire every employee to recognize effort




Use social media to recognize this effort


beyond the office




Strengthen the cohesion between individuals, teams and departments




Promote conversations company-wide










Reward employees who make the extra effort


Connect these rewards to company objectives


Recognize these achievers in front of their peers






Celebrate longevity:




Highlight an individual’s past achievements and value to the company




Inspire their peers




Connect all levels of management




Point to case studies to emphasize goals and objectives




We will work with you to make your employee recognition programs more memorable.





Safety Programs



Safety in the workplace continues to be a major objective of employers due to the tangible costs of on-the-job accidents or fatalities.




Workplace safety programs can reduce work-related injury and illness, making companies a safer place to work, visit, and volunteer.




The total cost of workplace injuries and fatalities cost American companies about $155 billion (2010) every year.




These costs may be cut with a successful safety initiative.




Of the surveyed companies who currently incorporate a safety program into their business plan:




77% believed that incentive programs were effective


55% experienced a reduction in workers' compensation costs


73% said absenteeism had decreased


96% said safety awareness was increased


84% saw a reduction in accidents


70% said the programs were cost effective





Implementing an Advantage Safety Program can assist in not only reducing the overall accident rate but also help to solidify a safety culture in the workplace.






A typical program includes:




Point based safety incentive program


Safety incentive catalog


15 levels of reward categories with name brand merchandise


Program recipients are offered many choices


Online redemption


Custom online website development available


Shipping cost in the continental U.S. is included in award pricing.


Everything is included in the cost of each level.





Advantage Safety Programs can:




assist in reducing the overall accident (on-the-job accidents or fatalities) rate


help to promote a safety culture in the workplace


reduce tangible costs to your company


Promote safe work performance


Lower workers comp costs


Improve ability to keep projects on schedule






Wellness Programs



With ever rising health care costs an Advantage Wellness Program can:




decrease direct healthcare costs


lessen the amount of non-preventative care medical claims


reduce indirect healthcare costs


improve employee productivity







Our program includes:




Point based wellness incentive program


Wellness incentive catalog


15 levels of rewards categories with name brand merchandise


Recipients are offered many choices


Online redemption


A custom online rewards website is available


Shipping costs in the continental U.S. are included











Increase employee motivation


Reduce absenteeism


Improve employee health


Recognize outstanding efforts


Improve employee productivity






Sales Incentive Program



A sales incentive program is critical to growing revenues. Our sales program can:




provide sales motivation to in-house sales professionals


increase outside sales by distributors, representatives and dealers


promote sales of new products and services


encourage sales professionals to meet or exceed sales goals





Our sales incentive program includes the following:




Point based sales incentive program


Sales incentive catalog


15 levels of rewards categories with name brand merchandise


Recipients are offered many choices


Online redemption


Custom online website development available


Shipping cost in the continental U.S. are included







Increase sales motivation


Improve sales force retention


Recognize leading sales efforts


Encourage sales teamwork


Increase loyalty